Our goal is to augment human work with machine intelligence.

The old story of AI is about human brains working against silicon brains. The new story of IA will be about human brains working with silicon brains.

Today, customer support agents struggle to provide delightful and succinct interactions at scale. Companies see support as a cost center, even though it deeply informs how their product and organization are seen by the world.

Agents have to synthesize disparate knowledge, open lots of browser tabs and operate across all sorts of internal systems just to resolve a ticket. Teams are judged on unrealistic proxy metrics like time spent working, which are not good measures of productivity nor customer satisfaction.

We see a better way — one where teams are able to focus on great interactions with users and move their organizations forward with new insights. Our goal is to a be team's most useful resource, externalizing important knowledge and intelligence, making it available on tap.

Why join us?

It's still day one — you'll have a significant opportunity to shape our product, culture, and technical direction. What we build will save millions of human hours.

Engaging problems — we believe cooperative AI systems are one of the most exciting frontiers of the next decade, and building great tools in this space will require both deep technical expertise, consideration towards safety and empathy for users.

A thoughtful culture — our goal is to build an exceptionally thoughtful and diverse environment, where we can build strong relationships, learn a lot, and work on exciting problems for years to come.